Respected Guruji,

At 8.55am I started chanting the given guru mantra in my mind keeping the picture of babaji in front of me. I took a few deep breath along with the mantra and suddenly I felt a jolt of energy at my heart centre. I felt a sudden intimacy with a higher energy being and somehow I assumed that it was you. My whole body froze or I was fixated on the position in which I was sitting. I saw a bright white light at my agya and I was quickly elevated into a world of beautiful bright healing lights. My apparent reality changed and this felt like another world! I saw two snakes standing upright like a Vajra, emitting scorching bright light. High frequency energy was flowing through my spine and my spinal region felt a little colder and strong whereas my body was radiating heat, chills and I sensed swirling movements of energy in each and every muscles of my body. My thigh region felt tightly pulled towards the ground and a lot of tension released. Then the energy shifted to my swadisthana and manipura and when the healing energy was working there, I felt a little nauseated. I think I was holding a lot of crap there! I felt very detached from my body at this point. I saw babaji at my third eye followed by a beautiful big white swan. I felt a halo above my head and your presence too. I was given the assurance that all the sufferings arise when I am not in proper connection with my higher self and listening to my untrained mind. This is just an illusion, a Maya. This is temporary and will pass once I open up and get proper training. I felt ripples on the top of my head and it was very prominent even physically! I left my bodily sensations at this point and I was in the astral plane. I felt very free surrounded by a wonderful bright white light without any traces of thoughts or understandings. I was beyond time and space and it felt like the most beautiful existence I can ever have! Soon I felt a channel of very uniform pure energy through my spine and my body felt extremely relaxed. The force which was holding me, released and I opened my eyes. It was exactly 9.35am. I realised that the Deeksha was over and I was feeling extremely sleepy. I came down from the chair and lied in savasana and soon I was drifted into a very deep sleep. I woke exactly after 20mins and now I feel very very refreshed, relaxed and happy. 

I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful experience and your divine guidance! I understand this journey is beyond life and death where time and distance don’t count!!

Thanking you from the bottom of my heart and soul….

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