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  • Guru Purnima shivir July 2023

    Guru Purnima shivir July 2023

  • Kriya Yoga Workshop Experiences – Jan 2021

    Me, my husband and my Son , my whole family is very much lucky to practice Kriyayoga under Brahmanand Guruji’s Guidance, not only my family my relatives also got initiation from Guruji, I can say around 14 people from my family and my relatives do practice kriyayoga Guruji has always guided us and because of […]

  • Kriya Yoga Workshop Experiences – Jan 2020

    Many Pranaams This has been my 3rd shivir & this time i felt i was at home,i belonged with all the people & specially with guruji felt a very deep rooted connection which I can’t explain in ,since I read the Autobiography of a yogi,I had always been in search of a guru,even got initiated […]

  • Kriya Yoga Workshop Experiences June 2019

    Pranam everyone. I went first time to ashram with very much curiosity to see Guruji. He was waiting for us, and however we reach to ashram, I did Pranam to Guruji, and with his unconditional love, he blessed me with his hands on my head and I feel bliss within me , blossoming sandelwood smell […]

  • Nalini (India)

    Om Gurubhyo Namaha 26th and 27th January 2019 were the two days I had been waiting for since the last few months. The constant thought of meeting Guruji and connected souls was itself the motivating force full of excitement. We reached the ashram on 25th january evening to be welcomed by our very own Guruji […]

  • Shishir (India)

    Ever since I read the book Autobiography of a Yogi by shri Paramhansa yogananda I wanted to learn and practice Kriya yoga but it didn’t materised for some reason. Suddenly in November this year one evolved soul from our spiritual group called to emphasis the importance of KY and shared his divine experience. He gave […]

  • Kumud (India)

    An undreamt desire of attending workshop at ashram with an on line Guruji We all the disciples who were blessed with “Babaji’s Diksha” were very much excited to reach ashram just not only to attend the retreat but also were keen to meet Guruji. Surprisingly after completing all “Five Kriya Levels” this was the first […]

  • Prajakta (India)

    Namaste I am extremely Blessed to live in extremely Holy Ashram Place. 2 days of Shibir (26th, 27th Jan 2019) were most important days of my life, Because of Guruji, I could understand subtle level energy effects on Body and Mind. The way of explanation and all the information was very scientific and valuable. I […]

  • Rekha (India)

    Namaste, I would like to share my experience during the shibir held on 26 & 27 Jan 2019. We all sadhaks (disciples) are so fortunate that we got the blessings of Babaji and face to face guidance and explanation from Guruji. Guruji taught us and made us understand each & every step of kriya and […]

  • Rutuj (India)

    Koti Koti pranam guruji, I am really blessed to get initiation from you at this young age. And getting a chance to meet you in the kriya yoga shibir was a lifetime experience for me. It felt like Maha avatar babaji was himself there with us in your form and were giving blessings to us. […]