Pranaam guruji,
I am forever indebted to you for this experience, I write this you feeling intoxicated.
7 was my time for initiation,at around 7:05 I felt my meditation deepen & soon it was really hard for me to keep repeating the mantra,i was absolutely blank,then after sometime I felt an vibration in my right ear then in my left nose,then I felt a bit heavy in the heart area,then suddenly as if something lifted,my heart area felt light,body felt so light,then my meditation lightened & I opened my eyes,my whole body felt so heavy,felt a bit dizzy,i am feeling a distance from my body,writing this to you at 10:30 pm,feeling ecstatic & drunk on bliss,being in psychiatry field I know when people imagine faces & other things,but this is genuine spiritual process,done from a distance,like I read in books,many salutations to you.
Thank you

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