Dear Guruji,

I have done the Deeksha process. At the beginning I have felt a surge of tremendous heat energy build up within, very warm energy, then the energy has suddenly becomed cool and fresh. At the beginning of the Guru mantra chant I had kept focus on the navel and at the same time I have visualisde the picture of Babaji into my mind.

 After several minutes the chant has be done by myself without any conscious effort, the chant has been chanted by itself during 20mn and at the same time I was not awake, not asleep. I was into an altered state of consciousness and felt no sensation, I was into the void with the guru mantra chanted by itself. 

During the last part of the Deeksha reception, my consciousness has becomed normal but I have seen within and out of me a golden mist energy then I have seen Babaji standind behind me dressed into white cloth, his eyes was into gold color.

This image has vanished and I have felt into my third eye something like a star, a blue star very bright. I was able to see it eye closed or open during 15mn. Then everything has disappeared and I have come out of the meditation to write my experience here.

I’m feel now very relaxed and need some sleep. This is a very amazing experience. I feel now a very deep link to Babaji.

Deep gratitude,


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