I prepared my mind not to get into worldly affairs and surrender to babaji with auto suggestion before deeksha.  I followed each step as given in the KY document.  Initially I felt something is pulled out of my legs to earth from waist/thigh/leg region.  Then I felt some thing pulled our from my back and head region to sky. I had vibration in Navel region too. I just noted it but I do not want to give more attention to physical sensation.  I just wanted focus on navel, chant the mantra and visualise babaji.  When my mind drifts to these sensations, I noted it consciously and switched back to my visualisation and mantra.

I have cold (because of wheather) and acidity (food habits). It did not affect me during deeksha time and feeling lighter and better after deeksha. Please let me know next steps to follow.

Thanks a lot.

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