Sophia (USA)

Namaste Babaji, I received my sacred deeksha initiation from Beloved Mahavatar Kriya Babaji this morning at 10:30. It is still very much in process and I am resting, yet I am feeling guided to write my experiences to you before I forget the subtleties and the divine transmissions. I sat in my chair facing my […]

Kallol (India)

Respected Guruji, First of all accept my deep regards and pranam. I bow to great Guru Babaji Maharaj for bestowing healing and Kriya Diksha to me. My Kriya Diksha was schduled today at 8 PM. From 7.45 PM onwards I could feel that my mind is withdrawing from outer senses and trying to go inside. […]

Prithwi (India)

Pranaam babaji, I had my diksha initiation this morning at 7 am. As asked by you in the previous mail I want to share my experience during the pooja. As I was decorating the alter of Mahaavtar babaji I felt as if he is standing there… As I looked up I could actually see him […]

Ashok (India)

Respected Guru ji Namastey ! For the whole session , I felt grounded to Mother Earth and at the end of session ,bonding of Grounding automatically vanished. At the beginning of session , I heard the sound of Jheengurs for few minutes then stopped and after the end of session again I started hearing the […]

Ana (USA)

There are no better words than thank you so much Guruji for accepting me, for deeksha and for such an amazing experience. After a few minutes of chanting Guru Mantra I began feeling my whole body heavy, and a throbbing only in my right temple. I ignored it and concentrated on the Manipur chakra. After […]

Rogerio (Brazil)

Guruji thank you for initiation. I feel great heat in my body and a white light in front of me.  My breath became short and stop during the chant of mantra.  God bless you 

Jayendra (India)

Pranam guruji  First I saw blue color things I.e ( blue tiles, blue flowers ). After that I saw few faces of people whom I never met before . in Manipur chakra I saw flower like lotous , this lotous has send some buitiful waves in my body .also I saw  some sunlight in my […]

Lathika Menon (India)

Pranaam Guruji ? Received the initiation at had done the preparation and sat down for the attunement at 10.30..initially I felt calm and relaxed as I started chanting the Guru mantra.. slowly I felt my hair getting pulled over my crown chakra.. very subtle movements of each strand being pulled..then I felt heaviness in both […]

Neeta (India)

Namaste Guruji  I took deeksha at 8 am as per schedule. At initiation time I did as instructed, ✨ I completely surrender myself without holding anything back ✨ In   the   beginning   of  meditation, lights  of  various colours, such as  white, violet, green, a mixture of green and yellow appeared in front of the forehead ✨ I felt the […]

Archana (India)

I want share yesterdays experience i was sitting as per u instructed after some time (don’t exactly how much ) first i seen Babaji was sitting front of me , he is very nice sitted in “Padmasan”. i took blessings by touching his feet.he also blessed me nicely. after i saw clearly, he hold my […]

Marcelo (Brazil)

Dear Guruji,  I am writing to report my experiences during deeksha. I followed exactly the requested procedure. Just a couple of minutes after starting the procedure my mind became peaceful in chanting the mantra. Thoughts did not arise. There was only me, the mantra and the image of Babaji. Sometimes there was no feeling of […]

Claudio (Chile)

Guruji I share the experience of deeksha. I felt a greater tranquility, although it had cost me to calm down. The palms of my hands and the soles of my feet felt hot. I felt Babaji’s presence. I felt a lot of energy discharging from my feet. I saw images of my life from moments […]

Noemi (USA)

I forgot to mention something on the experience. Three times this happened. Each time it was after coming back from drifting, both in thought or by sleepiness.  I would get in tune with the vibration of the chanting of the Guru Mantra coming from a dark room with a dim light, so dim that all […]

Jeffrey Portell (USA)

Guruji, My experience seemed to actually begin earlier today, around 11:55am my time I began to feel a blissful sensation in the anaharta chakra that moved up my spine to my throat. I heard a voice saying it was making a few adjustments, this lasted about ten minutes. Then later in the day around 2pm […]

Giorgio (Italy)

DEAREST GURUJI, It was such a wonderful  experience of clarity and peace 1) I felt a strong connection with universe and God, and I had the sensation to be out of my body in a celestial realm full of grace and love and joy.  2) I felt cackra by cackra a purification and a letting […]

Olivier (France)

Dear Guruji, I have done the Deeksha process. At the beginning I have felt a surge of tremendous heat energy build up within, very warm energy, then the energy has suddenly becomed cool and fresh. At the beginning of the Guru mantra chant I had kept focus on the navel and at the same time […]

Rojan (India)

At the time of dikhya 1.initially i could not concentrate beacuse of sound coming from outside the room where i was meditating so it was irritating. 2.but slowing my mind become still and i felt someone was making me chant the mantra quite speedily. first i could visualize a galaxy /milky way kind of light […]

Meena (India)

Namestae  I have done the diksha procedure at 6.00 am today.  I could feel the vibes in my body.  I had fan on and it’s alittle cool now a days here still my feet hands and face sweat.  Sometimes i was heavy like a stone but still felt it was not heavy like heavy..  Some […]

Anna (Hungary)

Namaste, Thank you for the initiation! It was very astonishing that I felt almost exactly both the beginning and the and of the initiation procedure. It was a very interesting feeling. My soles, palms and mouth was buzzing during the procedure. I felt great happiness and relief and I cried because of this. I felt […]

Mahesh (India)

Namaste Guruji, Thanks for providing me Deeksha. I had multiple experience  * Garland fell down from the right side of the photo indicating babaji’s presence here. * completely went blank chanting of mantra stopped  * felt sensation in every chakra  * felt some energy getting into my body couple of times  * felt something opened […]