Category: Experiences during Kriya Yoga initiation

  • Sophia (USA)

    Namaste Babaji, I received my sacred deeksha initiation from Beloved Mahavatar Kriya Babaji this morning at 10:30. It is still very much in process and I am resting, yet I am feeling guided to write my experiences to you before I forget the subtleties and the divine transmissions. I sat in my chair facing my […]

  • Kallol (India)

    Respected Guruji, First of all accept my deep regards and pranam. I bow to great Guru Babaji Maharaj for bestowing healing and Kriya Diksha to me. My Kriya Diksha was schduled today at 8 PM. From 7.45 PM onwards I could feel that my mind is withdrawing from outer senses and trying to go inside. […]

  • Prithwi (India)

    Pranaam babaji, I had my diksha initiation this morning at 7 am. As asked by you in the previous mail I want to share my experience during the pooja. As I was decorating the alter of Mahaavtar babaji I felt as if he is standing there… As I looked up I could actually see him […]

  • Ashok (India)

    Respected Guru ji Namastey ! For the whole session , I felt grounded to Mother Earth and at the end of session ,bonding of Grounding automatically vanished. At the beginning of session , I heard the sound of Jheengurs for few minutes then stopped and after the end of session again I started hearing the […]

  • Ana (USA)

    There are no better words than thank you so much Guruji for accepting me, for deeksha and for such an amazing experience. After a few minutes of chanting Guru Mantra I began feeling my whole body heavy, and a throbbing only in my right temple. I ignored it and concentrated on the Manipur chakra. After […]

  • Rogerio (Brazil)

    Guruji thank you for initiation. I feel great heat in my body and a white light in front of me.  My breath became short and stop during the chant of mantra.  God bless you 

  • Jayendra (India)

    Pranam guruji  First I saw blue color things I.e ( blue tiles, blue flowers ). After that I saw few faces of people whom I never met before . in Manipur chakra I saw flower like lotous , this lotous has send some buitiful waves in my body .also I saw  some sunlight in my […]

  • Lathika Menon (India)

    Pranaam Guruji ? Received the initiation at had done the preparation and sat down for the attunement at 10.30..initially I felt calm and relaxed as I started chanting the Guru mantra.. slowly I felt my hair getting pulled over my crown chakra.. very subtle movements of each strand being pulled..then I felt heaviness in both […]

  • Neeta (India)

    Namaste Guruji  I took deeksha at 8 am as per schedule. At initiation time I did as instructed, ✨ I completely surrender myself without holding anything back ✨ In   the   beginning   of  meditation, lights  of  various colours, such as  white, violet, green, a mixture of green and yellow appeared in front of the forehead ✨ I felt the […]

  • Archana (India)

    I want share yesterdays experience i was sitting as per u instructed after some time (don’t exactly how much ) first i seen Babaji was sitting front of me , he is very nice sitted in “Padmasan”. i took blessings by touching his feet.he also blessed me nicely. after i saw clearly, he hold my […]