Namaste Guruji 

I took deeksha at 8 am as per schedule.

At initiation time I did as instructed,

✨ I completely surrender myself without holding anything back
✨ In   the   beginning   of  meditation, lights  of  various colours, such as  white, violet, green, a mixture of green and yellow appeared in front of the forehead
✨ I felt the power of Guru mantra
✨ Felt sensation in solar plexus chakra 
✨ Babaji was standing in front of throughout the process
✨ There was Love and Support from Babaji , peace and clarity as well
✨ I was in the astral plane for a while
✨ when my meditation lightened, I opened my eyes
✨ This was a very amazing experience. A very deep connection to Babaji.

Deep gratitude,

Thank you so much Guruji

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