Once upon a time there was a sage who was practicing hard austerities (deep yogic practice) in deep jungle. He gained many siddhis (divine powers) one of them was whatever he speaks become true. His guru (spiritual master) strictly advice him not to reveal his identity or reveal his siddhis to anyone. Otherwise you have to pay for this. He promised his master that he will never reveal his spiritual powers to anyone. There was a woodcutter man in a near by village. He was very poor and every day he went to the jungle and cut woods and sell them in the market thus he was earning his brad butter. Once he went very deep in the jungle and saw that sage. He was impressed by divine look of that sage. He bowed to him and started to do seva (services) for him. He brought food and water for the sage every day and did other services. One day sage was very happy with his services so he said to poor woodcutter man that: “You have done good service to me tell me what do you want? I can give you.” Woodcutter man said: “O divine sage, I am very poor please do something so that I can come out from my poverty.” The sage cut off one of his hair from his beard and gave it to him and said: “Put it in your cupboard and see what happens.” The sage strictly tell him that do not talk about this to anyone. Woodcutter man exactly did as sage said and next day his cupboard was full of gold. The woodcutter was very happy and surprised. His wife asked him how this happened? He told the whole story to his wife. While he was telling the story to his wife one barber heard this and told this story to everybody in village. So next day all the villagers went to jungle in search of that sage. They found him and asked for hair from his beard but sage denied to give. So villagers got angry and before the sage could do anything they tied him to the tree and snatched out all his hair from his beard and ran back to the village. Soon the guru of this sage came. The sage was bleeding. His guru had pity on him. He was very angry with his disciple because “Why he revealed his divine power to anyone?” Then the sage promised to his guru that he will not make such mistake again. He went deeper in the jungle while contemplated.

Moral of the this story is if you want to progress in spiritual path, don’t reveal your techniques and divine powers to anyone except your guru. Otherwise all your hard work for self-realization goes in vain. You may divert from spiritual path. So keep in touch with your guru and follow his instructions strictly.

Above story is very close to my story as I did same mistake as the sage did. I helped a person to recover from ghost attack. After that lots of people started to came to me everyday with their worldly problems. It was very disturbing for my spiritual sadhana. Anyhow I got out from all this with the help of Babaji. Now I want to do my assigned work very secretly and only reveal myself to spiritually advanced kriya practitioners.



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