Every sadhakas must have two virtues that is faith and patience. Sadhakas who have these virtues have greater chance to reach the goal in spirituality.
Think, is it possible that you born and in 2 or 3 years become Doctor or Engineer? It takes time. You have to work hard for it. Similarly in yoga you have to practice with faith and patience. Results will surely come because yoga is a scientific process.

First by practicing yamas & niyamas you gain chitta purification. Then by the practice of asanas & pranayama you gain nadi suddhi (purification of energy channels). Then you enter in the stage of pratyahara (senses withdraw from outer world to inside). Then your Guru gives you practice of dharana (object for concentration). When your dharana becomes perfect you enter in deep meditation. When meditation become more and more deeper you experience samadhi.

It takes time to reach samadhi. People can spend their whole life in collecting mortal things. But to become immortal they cannot keep faith and patience for a few years. Every year they change guru and technique how they get success.

So my suggestion is to have faith in your Guru & God. Do sadhana with patience & regularly. Results will surely come.

Om om om

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