In Bhagvad Geeta Lord Krishna has mentioned the importance of faith in the following verse:
Which means sadhak (practitioner) who has faith in his guru and his practice can achieve success/gyan on spiritual path. Without faith your efforts will not be successful or it may be delayed. On the path of spirituality you can not make remarkable progress without complete faith in what you are doing. In another place in Geeta Lord Krishna also mentioned that “shanshyatma vinashyti” means practice with doubts will waste your time. All of your efforts will be in vain.

So when you believe someone as your guru then surrender completely and practice sadhna exactly as taught by your guru for at least sometime. Results will sure comes. Be a God loving person not particular process (like this yoga, that yoga). If your love is true for God then everything you do will become worship of God and God will surely bless you.

But continuously changing guru and practice is not good for progress on this path. As saint Kabira said,
Moko kaha Dhundhe re bande, meto tere Paas me,
Khoji hoi turant miljau, Palbhar ki talash me…
Mai to Hu Vishvas me.

So believe that God is in your faith if you have strong faith your 50% path is completed. My dear divine souls do practice with faith and patience. You will be surely blessed.

God bless all.

ॐ ॐ ॐ

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