Deeksha is like a new birth for sadhak. Who knows the process of farming can better understand what is deeksha. Before sawing seeds farmer makes the land proper to saw the seed. Deeksha is a similar process.

First initiator removes all negative energy from sadhak’s body, then energises his spiritual centers and transfers divine spark to him and bless sadhak that he receives divines grace. Without deeksha to get success in sadhna is difficult.

Experience During Deeksha

Different people may have different experience of deeksha according to their sanskaras. It is not necessary that everybody get experiences during deeksha. Some may have subtle experiences during spiritual practice of Kriya. Kriya Yoga is a long path.

Nothing happens overnight in Kriya Yoga. People get subtle experience early because of their past good efforts of sadhna.

Four types of deeksha

1) SPARSHA deeksha

Guru gives deeksha by touch. In this type of deeksha guru transfers his Divine spark into his disciple by touching him.

2) MANTRA deeksha

Guru whispers bijakshara mantra to the ear of sishya which is to be kept secret and to be repeated as much as possible. This leads him fast on the track of spiritual progress.

3) DRISTI deeksha

Guru imparts deeksha through a glance. By just watching gracefully at disciple’s eye guru transform divine spark into his disciple.

4) MANO deeksha

Guru gives deeksha through thought (Sankalp Shakti) and you will be surprised to know that this is most powerful as compared to other types.

Gurus may use a combination of the above types of deeksha.
In our linage initiation done by mantra deeksha and sankalp deeksha. When sadhak shows certain spiritual progress then he receive shaktipat deeksha by divine touch of guru.

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