Once upon a time there was a king in India. He was Chakravarti Samrat (with big wealth). He had everything. Once in the morning due to some reason he was very happy and announced that “I am very happy today. Whoever first beggar come ask anything I will give him.” A beggar came there. He did not know about king’s announcement. The king came to him and said “O beggar demand anything you want I will give you.” The beggar was in dilemma “What should I demand?” Then after so much thinking he said to the king: “Please give me a golden bowl. Now I will beg with a golden bowl.”

You may all feel laughing to this beggar how foolish he is “If I was in place of him I will ask the king to make me a king.” But you will be surprised to know that in this story this beggar represents us and the king represents God. God given us this body and immense possibilities to grow. We could achieve anything in life. We could be free from all miseries and achieve peace and bliss forever. But what we choose everybody knows.

Moral of the story is that human birth is very precious. God has given us opportunity to become like him. We are his children but we forgot our true nature that is why we have to suffer. So do not miss this opportunity. Try your best to achieve peace and bliss in life.

ॐ ॐ ॐ

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