Meaning of Ramayana in the sense of spritual practice (sadhna)



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In the sense of sadhna in Ramayana Ram resides in everybody, Sita is his peace which is kidnapped by Ravana (impurities of mind). If Rama wants his wife Sita (peace of mind) back then he has to take help of Sugreeva (collection of all good thought to gather), Laxman (vairagya, detachment), Vibhisana (wise intelligence), Hanuman (strong will power). Then only he can defeat Ravana (impurities of mind) and bring his peace back. Ravana’s life was in his navel. This symbolizes that unless and until sadhak cross navel chakra impurities remain in him. But after piercing navel chakra Ravana becomes dead and sadhak get his peace back.

This is Ramayana of every spiritual practitioner (Kriya yogi).

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