I feel very blessed to have had a Kriya Yog retreat with Guruji
The transmission of the teachings are so profound and beautiful.
I am deeply grateful for this experience
It is a truly wonderful retreat. Very well planned and organised.
It has made the light inside me shine brighter than ever before!
I was connected to all in my Awareness like the fabric of a symphony
I feel like I have just woken up from a lifetime dream.
It was a very purifying experience, I identified my thought patterns and at the same time I stopped identifying with them.
I surrendered to life and the infinite present moment and infinite love, It’s hard to put into words something that goes beyond them.
My meditation practice has deepened immeasurably. Before this retreat I would experience states of dhyana sporadically and for short periods. I now feel that I have found (been shown) the key to bringing me there, and staying focused is more attainable.

Thank you to Guruji– my sincerest, deepest, heartfelt gratitude.
I am indeed blessed to call you my Teacher.

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