An undreamt desire of attending workshop at ashram with an on line Guruji

We all the disciples who were blessed with “Babaji’s Diksha” were very much excited to reach ashram just not only to attend the retreat but also were keen to meet Guruji. Surprisingly after completing all “Five Kriya Levels” this was the first time that everyone was going to catch a glimpse of our on-line Guruji personally.

At ashram with other pupils the Deity, looking like a schelpture/idol of marble in white clothes with a slight smile on glowing face was receiving each one of us individually and his gaze was such that everyone started to bow down to his feet.

Guruji managed everything for the workshop on his own. There was only one mediator between him and all followers, who helped Guruji externally. Guruji was nowhere in the picture only through mediator we were been informed. The most important thing to note is that the mediator also met Guruji first time along with all of us.

During workshop for all 5 levels Kriyas. Each and every Kriya was performed by Guruji and repeated by us and all the small corrections were made and implemented immediately. We were also told how to breathe, where to breathe, when to inhale and exhale. We were also informed how to chant ‘Omkar’, when and how long etc.

A wonderful experience I would like to share about but it is difficult to put in words – some energy was blocked inside our chakras was released. Initially it was very heavy to control oneself but after a while everyone started enjoying and had different experience some could see the universe, the bright light, the Sun, some was laughing and for me I controlled my emotions of dancing like Meerabai-“Payoji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payo”….

One more experience I would like to inform, when Guruji was attuning our third eye chakra, immediately I could see an idol sitting on a table type asan and his feet was on a beautiful white lotus and the lotus was in an attractive blue and violet colour light. It was an exquisite experience impossible to put in words. I was in that delightful world…..

The workshop was well planned, organized and each and every activity was performed in- time as per schedule. Even the rooms allotted were well furnished. The food served for three times with tea breaks was perfectly suitable to the activities we were going to perform and maintaining the purity of the ashram.

The ashram is far from city, located in a peaceful countryside area full of trees and plants with different species of birds, number of families of peacock and monkey.

It was a downright experience to identify the source of light within me to connect to my awareness. I surrendered myself to the infinity and my divinity within me adore to all divine souls.

I think it is the benediction of Babaji that I have been blessed with guruji to invoke my insight through Kriya Yoga. The retreat has awakened my wisdom by making me aware about my consciousness through the knowledge and different techniques shared by Guruji. It is like transcended knowledge

I have already started implementing the techniques taught by Guruji. The exercise to increase strength in sadhna, preserve prana urja in the body and use it for higher purpose, to come out from deep state of meditation.

For each one of us Guruji did “Shakti ka kendriya karan aur divya urja ka sancharan”. This was wonderful experience like some strong blocked energy inside me came out like volcano and made me unstable, but just in few seconds it turned into feeling of pleasure, contentment. I felt like I woke-up from my long sleep that purified me from within and I was surrounded with bright white light. It was a pleasant moment and I wanted to remain in that ecstatic world for ever…

One more incident I would like to share. When Guruji did attunement on third eye chakra and I could see the same table on which Guruji sits with his both legs down towards floor, beneath the both feet a beautiful white lotus as if both feet were kept in the centre of the lotus and the lotus was floating on blue and violet colours light.

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