Om Gurubhyo Namaha
26th and 27th January 2019 were the two days I had been waiting for since the last few months. The constant thought of meeting Guruji and connected souls was itself the motivating force full of excitement.

We reached the ashram on 25th january evening to be welcomed by our very own Guruji in a beautiful and serene ashram.Guruji received us with so much of love and affection. When i met Guruji it didn’t feel as if i was meeting him for the first time, it felt as if i have known him since ages.

26th january morning Guruji started with initiation . During this I felt so much of bliss and joy within me. My laughter was uncontollable. Every cell of my body seemed to be filled with love and laughter, Babaji’s energy filled every cell of my body. I felt as if i was born once again

We then performed various sukshma asanas and pratised and tried to perfect all our kriyas under the benevolent guidance of Guruji. Enjoyed every moment. Apart from the practises we also enjoyed various discourses based on vedanta explained by Guruji in a very simple way.

I understood the importance of practising kriya consistently without any expectation by just surrendering to the divine energies of Maha Avtar Babaji. Babaji’s presence was felt regularly and specially on 28th morning and my eyes were filled with tears of joy. I immediately my gratitude mentally to Babaji Guruji and all our soul family members.
Thank you Guruji for your love and beautiful experience. Hope to receive more of it and pray that many other seekers are also fortunate enough to get such experience
Jai Guru. Jai Babaji.

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