I would like to share my experience during the shibir held on 26 & 27 Jan 2019. We all sadhaks (disciples) are so fortunate that we got the blessings of Babaji and face to face guidance and explanation from Guruji.
Guruji taught us and made us understand each & every step of kriya and explained its subtle level energy effects on body and mind. So its difficult to express gratitude in words. We all could feel there the presence of Maha-avatar Babaji. The Ashram place energy and surroundings was amazing. We were totally disconnected from outer world and no one from us wanted to leave that holy place and go home very soon.
So it is divine experience which can not be expressed in words. From bottom of my heart I feel Gratitude. Also Thank you to all my soulmate sadhaks. We all sadhaks are now eagerly waiting for next shibir.

Thank you Guruji. Thank you Babaji.

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