Namaste Guruji..the day I have taken Diksha of Kriya Yoga from you, I wanted to see you, meet you as per normal human tendancy..I requested you many times to send one photo of you to do puja at least on Guru Purnima but you always refuses and ask me to do Sadhana regularly and have faith. You always told me our real guru is Mahaavtar Babaji n do puja of Babaji..
But I keep on requesting you to meet us n one day you got message from Babaji to meet us..that day is dream come true day for me..I remember I have called all my Kriya Yoga friends within five minutes to share this joyfull news.When we reached at Ashram..I saw guruji standing with all other people of Shibir I have gather all my courage to stand in front of Guruji..n that was out of the world experience for me ..he is very simple n humble person..On first day of Shibir guruji gave us dikash n did energy transmission..what I feel n saw during that process I can’t share with you..but I decided to do Sadhana to achieve that level n I believe with Gurujis n Babajis blessings I will achieve that level..Guruji taught us very small small but priceless things which will work as a catalyst in sadhaks life..these two days of my life are as much important as my birth..I can definitely feel diffence in my life in various manners..Guruji always keep blessings on us as your child.. thank you so much Babaji for giving us this life changing experience n opportunity to attend this Shibir.

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