I am extremely Blessed to live in extremely Holy Ashram Place.
2 days of Shibir (26th, 27th Jan 2019) were most important days of my life,

Because of Guruji, I could understand subtle level energy effects on Body and Mind. The way of explanation and all the information was very scientific and valuable.
I am blessed to get quality level guidance in my Spiritual journey.

Have learnt sooo many Scientific Rare , Valuable Spiritual techniques. Its my treasure now.

I always wanted to get Genuine guidance and Scientific explanation behind Kriya, And I got satisfied with my queries, Now all this guidance is helping me to grow.
In shibir there were all Sadhaks (Practitioners) very sincere and mass practice of kriya in Shibir made me feel very energetic. I felt good energy around me.

This Shibir Helped me a lot. I felt much more energy movement in my Third Eye than ever before.

Also I felt something like Mahavtaar babaji is blessing us.

I always knew I have got the best source to learn and grow in my spiritual journey. I am extremely Grateful to Guruji who had given me this precious Kriyayog Deeksha. I know some good deeds had utilized to get connected with such Spiritual Guide.

I wish anybody who would like to grow in spirituality he\she should not miss the chance to get this Deeksha.

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