Ever since I read the book Autobiography of a Yogi by shri Paramhansa yogananda I wanted to learn and practice Kriya yoga but it didn’t materised for some reason. Suddenly in November this year one evolved soul from our spiritual group called to emphasis the importance of KY and shared his divine experience. He gave us the mail I’d of Guruji .we immediately sent our desire to Guruji and within few days got initiated by him. We sincerely started our practice and then within few weeks we got the message that Guruji has agreed to meet our group of about 20 people in his ashram for some advanced learning. We all went to his ashram (shibir ) from 25th to 28th January.
My experience;
My experience in shibir is extremely good. Guruji gave us time from early morning till late nights. We were given advanced attunement on one to one basis and were taught many advanced practices of KY and many other spiritual areas. We were taught with many practical sessions all 5 levels of KY. The atmosphere in shibir was so divine with full of energy of Guruji and Babaji which all of us felt every minute. Guruji took personal care of each one of us and gave us his full love and affection. He is such a simple person with divinity and connected to Babaji. He also gave us many spiritual discourses and teachings which are so useful for spiritual pursuit. He was kind enough to tell us that he is the available for 24×7 basis in case we need any help. I and my wife are enjoying our KY practice and many people I met have noticed the changes in our auras which have improved a lot. We are very lucky to have the opportunity to visit guruji shibir and to have joined KY under his divine guidance and blessings. I will encourage serious seekers to experience this yoga which is ultimate. Jai Kriya Babaji, Jai guruji

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