Kriya Yoga Workshop Experiences – Jan 2020

Many Pranaams
This has been my 3rd shivir & this time i felt i was at home,i belonged with all the people & specially with guruji felt a very deep rooted connection which I can’t explain in ,since I read the Autobiography of a yogi,I had always been in search of a guru,even got initiated into different sects but that thirst was only quenched when I met guruji,he is exactly the way i had always imagined in my mind & read in books how a guru should be,in this shivir he gave to us many pearls of wisdom which generally takes many years of sadhana to obtain,i was also doing a few mistakes in kriya which were corrected,guruji is an ocean of knowledge & he always suggests us to believe only by experience & not trust blindly,which I like very much,by the grace of Maha Avatar Babaji i recieved initiation from a guru who is totally non commercial,humble & full of love,who takes so much efforts all the while giving us total freedom to live our lives,words fall short how indebted i am,i am really blessed & with his blessings & kriya i know i can achieve anything in this life & the life after this

Guruji Pranam. charan sparsh. This was my first shibhir i attended. As i was very eager to meet guruji for first time. As i reached ashram. Guruji blessed me. After Guruji blessing i found a smell of sandalwood around with me. As before meeting guruji i was filled with lots of questions in my mind. But as guruji blessed me my mind was feeling total bliss, calm. As shibhir started guruji taught so many things to all of us from his knowledge treasure. As he did shaktipath i found my self filled up with a positive energy which was very calm and blissfull feeling. All the negative blocks were cleared by guruji.I enjoyed the transc feeling very much. In this transc i felt i am out of my body ( samadhi). This was the feeling where i felt out of myself, my ego,my thoughts, nothing was there at that moment except a bliss mind.During this i was very much filled with blissful and calm within me. Guruji through his behavior teaches us how a sadhak should be. He explained various aspects in this spiritual journey. He encouraged all of us to do regular practice and always be in calmness. I also came to know that guruji cares for all of us a lot.
I am more confident now that with his blessing and valuable guidance will help me to walk on this path continuously.
I am sure here with guidance of Guruji we will find the truth of ourselves. Here you can learn authentic kriya yoga with such a valuable and precious guidance of guruji.
So let’s begin the journey.
I feel so good that my life has became successful with blessings of Guruji. Guruji is God for me.
Pranam Guruji.?

This is my third time to be a part of life changing experience…thank u so much for giving this opportunity guruji????
Actually this time I was not sure that I could attend Shibir but thank you so much Babaji to allow me to be part of shibir..
When we reach Ashram guruji was waiting for us to come as usually they do with care n love..I am so eager to see him.When I went to Ashram I always feel that I am returning to my home and going to meet my family members…On first day we did Havan at night which was very blissful and energetic…literally we could feel the presence of Mata..
On second day Guruji did shaktipath on us that experience was so awesome that I could not per last shibir I promised myself that one day I will experience this by doing my own sadhna thank you so much Guruji for trusting us so much in this spiritual path and letting us grow more and more..afterward guruji gave us various Mantra Diksha which are very very important and useful for us in our spiritual path..these mantras are miraculous and these mantras are answers of our various questions while walking on spiritual path without asking to Guruji and Babaji??…At night we did new learned meditation..we did that approx for 40 min as per watch but I felt that I did it for only 5 minutes..
On third day we learned lot of small small things which are very useful for us..this time Guruji gave us personal instructions for our spiritual growth.thank you so much guruji for doing this.
In our last session Guruji sang one doha which is so emotional that I could not hold my tears… at that time I felt lot of vibration in my entire body and sahastrar chakra like somebody is giving me lot of information and blessings and that is getting downloaded through my Sahastrar chakra literally I could not open my eyes and wanted to be in samadhi only and take more and more blessings this happened for almost half an hour. Afterward I in state of bliss. Entire shibir is very very emotional,blissful n energizing for all of us..thank u so so much Guruji for making My life heaven.. Eagerly waiting for next sadhana shibir????????

Pranam Guruji,

Below are my experiences in latest shibir conducted by you.

Place – Ashram is very beautiful with many trees and natural setting. It is a place which makes you calm and peaceful. You can meditate for long time in your room or even in the main hall which had babaji’s energy throughout the shibir.

Guruji – Guruji’s guidance throughout the shibir helped to clear doubts of all sadhaks. He taught many more things and techniques than he had planned. His guidance about how to live life, be peaceful, calm and brave at all times was very inspiring. He made us understand small nuances about every technique and paid individual attention to each participant. He had detailed understanding of many topics and shared it freely with us. He treated us like friends and not like students. He was very patient and his grace continues to guide us every single day. Really very lucky to have a Guru like him.

Courses – We did revision of old kriya techniques and they were perfected by Guruji. We learnt many new topics. We did havan also on the first night. So many topics related to health, prosperity and personal conduct were also taught during the shibir.

Participants – About 30 participants had come from many cities like Mumbai, Pune, Solapur, Indore, Himachal Pradesh etc. Most of them had learnt many techniques earlier and had good experience in meditation and healing. It was a very good experience to learn from so many bright and knowledgeable individuals. The questions raised by many participants added to the knowledge and we all had a very good time interacting with each other. Everyone helped in some of the other way to conduct and organize the shibir. It was again a memorable experience to be a part of this shibir and I want to continue to attend for many more shibirs.

Om namo narayan
I am extremely lucky to attend shibir(CAMP )3rd time. I knew already that reaching to shibir is possible only because of grace of Mahavtar babaji but this time I absolutely understood that only The blessings of Mahavtar babaji helped me to attend it

Everytime I get to learn very important things regarding my spiritual practices.. And Kriyayoga.

There are many things in spirituality which is always taught by GURU only.
That is called as Guruparampara.
When we get something through Guruparampara it is directly sown in our soul and when we start practising it.. Holy Vibes starts generating with the grace of Gurus. Because Guru activates them in us immediately.
But…. If one tries to activate such things by his/her own then needs to chant or practice Lacs or crores of time.
I am one of the luckiest who got such things through Guruparampara. I am extremely Grateful to Guruji who had given us such techniques.

This time I get to learn the rarest some specific process which made me to concentrate for long time and I couldn’t even realise one hour passed on. And I felt like it was just few minutes.. This experience happened with me first time.

The vibration and environmental bliss of shibir and place was speechless…
Manier time I couldn’t achive the concentration and bliss at home that I could achieve easily in this holy CAMP(shibir)

I am so much happy and really lucky to have my spiritual guide (Guruji). He explained us many subtle things and aspects of kriyayoga very nicely.. I am soooooooo much Grateful to him and words falls short to express his grace and gratitude.

Visiting the Camp place is like ceremony everytime.

All these 3 camps changed my life with 360 degree and I am experiencing bliss and my mindset is also changed for my best. I could achive growth like I never did before in just withing 1.5 years through out these camps.

All the learnings and lessons are precious gems for me and it is helping me to upgrade my energy in spiritual world.

The most awaited moment of my life is visiting my Guruji to Sidhpur Ashram. This year again we were blessed to meet him after six months.
Ashram is a sacred place for me to stay. It holds a positive vibes all around. Looking at my Guruji I was filled with immense joy n blissfulness. He always carry bundle of knowledge n divine blessings for all of us.
When I started with my kriya yoga I wasn’t so calm n patience…but my practice has changed me miraculously. Now nothing bothers me ….no jealousy, hatred, bad feelings nothing…I have learnt to serve now…to help others.
We had hawan in the evening the day we reached. Next day we started our day we guru vandana. With so many sadhaks here there is a different flow of energy. Guruji again blessed us with divine energies and filled us with more knowledge n gratitude. The whole process is divine we have become more receptive now. I feel happy to see others growing…. All hail to Babaji n Guruji.
My gratitude towards my Babaji n Guruji.

Kiss or chalun main pag sambhale
Charon or tha andhiyara,
Tumne Jo roshni hai dikhai
Bhay mukt ho main chali aayi
Gyaan bhandaar Jo Mila hai guruvar se
Use sambhale bhavsagar paar utarne ki hai tayyari.

I started my spiritual journey from my childhood . I search for guru everywhere ,
After lot of search of yogi and pilgrimage I found guruji with the grace of Mahaavatar kriya babaji .
I started learning kriya from guruji from last 2 years and within only 2 years guruji transform me in all means .
In Jan 2020 shibir guruji teaches lot of new techniques and mantra for further development.
In this shibir guruji given shaktipat to everyone and when it come to me .
With the grace of guruji my energy started flowing upword and fully concentrated in adnya chaktra. I totally lost my chitta ( ego ). And I saw light of soul and bliss . Long time I enjoyed that bliss which couldn’t express in word’s , after that moment till today , I see my thoughts & ego are external objects .
Now when I just close my eyes , I easely established in soul bliss.
This property will not be stolen by anyone, it will remain after death also?.
My all search for realization end at feet of my guru.
Kriya Sadhak

Namaste Guruji

Koti Koti Pranaam.
As i had attend the Shibir Camp I felt immense happiness. Whatever queries were in mind I got all the answers and solutions, without even asking through words.
I really really don’t have words to describe my gratitude for you Guruji, My happiness tears are enough to express my emotions and gratitude for you.

Since i had started the practice of kriyayoga since around 2 years I have observed very nice changes in me, I am so much confident and patient, calm and peaceful, and I have experienced the grace of babaji.
In Shibir also I had experienced the grace of babaji.

some spiritual Solution which Guruji had taught us in Shibir, with the permission of Guruji I taught to my nephew, and he has also started getting benefits out of it. My nephew is also so much confident and his behaviour is changing in good way. Our whole Family got the guidance and grace of Guruji and Babaji.

I experienced in this Shibir that…..Sometimes the care that even parents also can’t take care of their children that much care Guru does for his follower Shishya, and Guru understands the Mind, feelings and problems of his follower, I have experienced this in Shibir.

Me, My husband and my son all three got a lot to learn and to experience in this shibir that we had never ever imagined we could get such a huge amount of spiritual learnings and help. We got more than we thought we deserved. We thank you like crores of times to you Guruji. Koti Koti Dhanyawaad.

Koti Koti pranam and Dhanyawaad.
lotts of thank you and regards…

Swati ( India )

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