Koti Koti pranam guruji,
I am really blessed to get initiation from you at this young age. And getting a chance to meet you in the kriya yoga shibir was a lifetime experience for me. It felt like Maha avatar babaji was himself there with us in your form and were giving blessings to us. On the first day of shibir the energy I felt when ajnya chakra was being activated was immense. My whole body was shivering and I never had such experience before. I was unable to control my body and many splashes of colors were going seen when I concentrated on ajnya chakra. At a certain point, all this stopped and my body got relaxed and that feeling very peaceful. It was such a divine and blissful experience which is difficult to express in words. Experiencing it personally gives you more understanding about the kriya yoga. Thank you guruji for your blessings and a life changing experience.

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