At ashram it was my first experience where I felt surrounded by divine souls. Ashram where we were staying was the holy place of great saints. I met my Guruji for the first time which gave me feeling of immense happiness,joy n calmness.Initiation was conducted on 26th January 2019 in the morning 9:30 am. The day itself was holding something very precious for all of us–BABAJIS BLESSINGS. Guruji started with the initiation programme followed by some sukhshma vyayam . We were filled with energy and proper mind set was drawn. As soon as Guruji started with diksha their was very high level of energy in the room. I was able to sense others joy . When guruji gave me diksha I experienced rainbow colours at my temple going round n round and at last star between the yellow light. At that time I was not me it was a soul merging with the divine realm. It gave me the inner strength, calmness and complete surrender to Babaji. I was left without a single query guruji was answering all my doubts himself. I’m blessed to have guruji for my entire spiritual journey now . As u said guruji now we r one soul I promise you to come true to my commitment. Om Namo Narayan.

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