Kriya Yoga Workshop Experiences – Jan 2021

Me, my husband and my Son , my whole family is very much lucky to practice Kriyayoga under Brahmanand Guruji’s Guidance, not only my family my relatives also got initiation from Guruji, I can say around 14 people from my family and my relatives do practice kriyayoga
Guruji has always guided us and because of him only me and my family could face the toughest time of life
Sadhana has always helped us to grow in every area of life, mentally, spiritually, financially in every way
lotts and lotts of Gratitude to our beloved Guruji….we are luckiest to grow under your guidance

Swati Undale (Kolhapur, India)

I have always been chant and read Vaidik mantras, Stotras and do YagyaI used to read Durga Saptashati at home but in Shibir, 1st time i got a beautiful experience in the form of visions
I got a very holy Shreevidya sadhana initiation in shibir 2021, and i got a beautiful vision of Shreeyantra it was golden and was coming towards me ,I saw it in my vision also I could see kaali maa and thus Blessings poured on me
me and my whole family follow sadhana path under Brahmanand Guruji’s Guidance and we are very much fortunate to grow under his Guidance
Thank you soooo much to Guruji

From Sushama (Mumbai, India)

This Shibir was one of the most life changing experiences of my life.First of all I felt very fortunate to have such a Guru who  really cares for us day and night. The two days Shrividya  Shibir, I experienced  real blissful stage during Sadhna. It’s very important that one should practice this  Sadhna under the guidance of real Guru.The over all experience with everyone was amazing we felt like we already had deep connections with everyone. Guruji taught us the fine and  minute details of Sadhana.Under the guidance of Guruji we found tremendous joy.. The way he
explained the things is very practical and appealing in our life.For last many years I was in search of genuine Master..But now my search is over…Guruji is always there to guide us irrespective of his busy schedule…No one felt unattended..His bonding with everyone is very loving. So finally I have surrendered my Spiritual Journey in the Lotus feet Of Guruji..No words to Express my gratitude….
Thank you so much Guruji for your Guidance and love
Sarrika Swami (Maddhya Pradesh, India)

The most awaited moment was arriving at shibir and meeting with my Guruji under the Divine presence of my kriya babaji
As ashram is itself filled with divine blessings of divine souls
This time we were ready for the precious Shaktipaat from Guruji
He keeps us boosting with ultimate awakening
He has brought my inner Soul on this path
Whenever Guruji initiates us with energy I experience a feeling of peace love unlike anything I experienced before
This time it was Initiation of Divine Mother of Shreevidya Sadhana
it is to me like most precious Treasure
We learnt Mantras those were very Unique, and will work on every chakras, mental level, planetary positions, subtle bodies
I myself got connected with my Soul mantra
and tears rolled down on my chicks during this “Atmagyan blissful state”
Everytime it is deeper and deeper state and I understood happiness is getting connected deeply to your ownself
May the divine blessings en-lights everybody’s path


गुरु की महिमा मैं क्या गाऊ
अपनी जिव्हा से कैसे बताऊ
जलती हुई सी इस रेत में
ठंडी छाओ मेरे गुरुवर है।

आप ही के कारण जाना स्वयं को
भूल बैठी थी जो मैं खुद को
ईश्वर रूप हमने न देखा
प्रभु रूप साकार गुरु ह।

आपकी महिमा मैं क्या जानू
सच्चे भाव से इनकी बात माने
पा जाओगे राम रतन धन
बन जाओगे धनवान ।

From Esha Malhotra (Mumbai, India)

Shibir days are festival for us
we are living life like ordinary people but because of Guruji and his guidance life is taking perfect way, which is going to that point where is bliss, satisfaction, peace…nd many more.
I wonder about guruji how babaji designed him, committed to teaching, instructing and guiding the disciple in our spiritual practice and the unfolding of the inherent spiritual qualities which are — knowledge, firm resolve, universal compassion, good conduct and service, selflessness.

a Kriyayogi practitioner (India)

Just when I had thought that silence was coming into my life by the meditation taught by guruji in the online shivir,this time guruji decided to give us the highest vidya possible- Sri Vidya,I had already been I initiated into it few years back but it was upadesh not deeksha & I was mindlessly repeating mantras with very less effect,but the way Guruji taught it was magical just with a few chants I went into such deep states of meditation I never even thought existed,it has been just a few days since my practice & already I can see a lot of auspiciousness entering my life,I am blessed to have been in touch with Guruji,all the happiness of life looks to be within reach along with the final fruit of mukti

from Dr. Sagar Mudgal (M.B.B.S, M.D., Neuro Pscychiatrist) Madhya Pradesh,India

श्री विद्या शिबिर – अनुभव

अगर मन में ब्रंम्ह ज्ञान की साच्ची निष्ठा हो तो गुरू हमे सभी बाधओसे  बाचाकर अपने पास बुला लेते है !
इसका साक्षात अनुभव हो गया !
मैं जैसे ही आश्रम पहुंचा औंर गुरुजी के चरण स्पश किये , तो गुरुजी ने मुझ पर एक प्रेमपूर्वक कृपा दृष्टी डाली ….मेरे शरीर में एक रोमांच भर गया , क्रिया अपने आप शुरू हो गयी ! मैं एकदम से स्थिर
औंर निर्विचार होने लगा !
मुलाधार से अज्ञा चक्र तक एक अद्भुत सुखद सांस चलने लगी! मैं मेरे मन से गुरुजी के साथ एकरूप हो गया ! उनका प्रेम भाव मुझमे बहने लगा , शब्दों का कूछ महत्त्व नाही बाचा …बिना बोले मन की बात शुरु हो गयी. !
मन से उत्पन्न होने वाले षडविकार , अहंकार  नष्ट हो गये ! गुरुकृपा के आनंद मे डूब गया……
श्री विद्या दीक्षा मतलब अपने मुक्ती का द्वार है!
जैसे ही गुरुजी श्री विद्या सिखाने लगे धीरे धीरे सब मंत्र औंर स्पंदन आत्मा मे जाने लगे ! मेरुदंड मे सभी चक्रो मे स्पंदन होने लगे  ! मुलाधार से सहास्त्रार तक एक चुंबकीय आकर्षण बन गया ! प्राण सुशुमना मे प्रवेश कर गये , और मे पुरा ब्रम्हानंद मे डूब गया… माँ के आशीर्वाद से कुंडलिनी उपर उठकर सिधा सहत्रार से लग गयी ….चित्त , बुद्धी , अहंकार ओर मनस पुरे नष्ट हो गये !  माँ भगवती के स्पंदन और दिव्य आनंद का मैं साक्षी बन गया ! ना मैं था , ना गुरुजी थें , ना मेरे प्रियाजन , ना कोई और बचा था  … एक ही परम तत्व ,,.   संपूर्ण निर्विचार अवस्था ….आनंद ही आनंद …. प्राण पुरे माँ से एकरूप हो गये ..   एकोहम ब्रह्म द्वितियो नास्ती……..

From Yogesh Suryavanshi (India)

Namaste guruji,
Once again a Divine and wonderful experience of 4th face to face shibir.
All of us were eagarly waiting for shibir because it is not happening due to lockdown. But when guruji told us it is going happen soon we were like crazy.
For shibir people came from different places of India and everyone has uniqueness in them.This time also I got new friends in shibir.
This time guruji gave us a Diksha of Shree Vidhya which was beyond my imagination , he always plans something bigger and better for us. Thank you so much guruji for doing all this for us. Many of us were àsearching shree vidhya diksha since long and we got this gift from guruji.We went for shibir with lot of excitement.
This time’s shibir was just magical and amazing in every aspect of my life.
Day one itself was full of amazing experiences , when guruji gave us uniquely designed mantra Diksha on the basis of our planetary positions then I felt like I am meeting myself. I felt a unknown calmness n happiness in me which is describing me who I am.A very soothing and blissful experience.
On second day as we go one one level up my level of happiness goes on increasing and increasing, I go on smiling n body has some limitations of widening the mouth other wise I was smiling almost ear to ear…after sometime I felt very very strong vibration in my body a highest around chin and chicks..tremendous heat is generated in my body..and I went into deep samadhi.
What changes took place in my mind and body I don’t know but what I felt was just divine ..
Thank you so so much guruji for trusting me and giving me this Diksha. Everything you have given to me is bonus for me. Don’t have words to Express my gratitude
From Shilpa (Pune, India)

I have been waiting to learn Shree Vidya for many years now. I knew that there are very few genuine teachers and they generally charge a lot of fees and expect
lot of efforts for teaching – like chanting of specific mantras lakhs of times etc.

Guruji pleasantly surprised us by informing that in Jan 2021 Shibir, he will teach us Shree Vidya. He even helped us procure a divine shree yantra at a very nominal cost before the shibir itself.

As always, there were some doubts in my mind whether I will be able to attend the shibir since I had missed the first one. But with firm resolve, I was able to attend my third shibir.

Guruji had done detailed planning for our stay in a beautiful and natural ashram like every year. Arrivals of sadhaks were planned meticulously by volunteers along with other arrangements.

Guruji had only 2 days at his disposal and ensured that he taught us each and every aspect of shree vidya in proper detail in this limited time frame. He made us practice all the techniques while guiding us with finer points and answered all our queries. He also made us do havan on the first day.

I had arrived at the ashram somewhat in tension and stress as I expected some important decisions in my life to shape up. He made all of us at ease on the first day itself and by the second day, every one was us was happy with heart chakra open and smiling.

He gave each one of us unique atma beej mantras by studying our birth charts. He also have us deeksha mantra and not updesh mantra meaning we can practice them from day 1 without spending time to activate them for us.

He gave us very divine gurupaduka mantra and gave us deeksha upto Shodashi which is very rare to receive in the first time.

While doing meditation during shibir, I could easily go in deep state and could connect with divine mother. I requested divine mother to take care of 2 important aspects of my life and immediately, I felt all my burden becoming very light. During meditation, I am able to connect with the crown star chakra and it is a very divine feeling. It is as if I want to stay connected to it all the time. I could feel this chakra for the first time during this shibir (earlier through Kriya practice I could connect with and feel mind and crown chakra).

Now I practice Shree vidya daily and feel extreme bliss, happiness and feel as if I am able to generate divine goodwill in all that I do.

Guruji and divine mother have helped me settle in my life in every possible way. I thank Guruji with all my heart and promise that I will do justice to his efforts in teaching us this wonderful sadhna.

Ashutosh (Pune,India)


Here in limited words, I have expressed my feelings regarding my Ashram visit –
“Guru knows everything what you need…” this line suited to my situation. In this lifetime my highest desire regarding Sri Vidya Deeksha was fulfilled by My Guru.

I had not planned an Ashram visit before due to Covid and some personal issues but very unexpectedly and easily under divine guidance I had reached Ashram. Maa Devi Tripurasundari and Babaji’s grace and blessings were felt from time to time during the Ashram visit.

Sri Vidya sadhana mantras are so powerful, we all devotee experienced/felt Maa Devi Tripurasundari’s energy and few of them went to samadhi state easily.
Whatever physical, mental and emotional issues I felt before were gone. Now I am recharged fully with new energy to face the life challenges…

I am not able to express my heartiest gratitude towards Guruji in words… He taught us Sri Vidya Sadhana in a very easy manner and provided every step.

Everyone should experience Maa Devi Tripurasundari’s energy under his guidance. Also everyone needs to experience the Tapobhumi ashram’s energy and hospitality.

Thank you for being my Guru ….Namaste Guruji.

— From Vandana Jadhav (Pune, India)

The shibir at was from 23rd to 26th January 2021 was a very unique and soul lifting experience. Suddenly I felt that overnight I have been uplifted from being an undergraduate to post graduate level. This could happen only due to constant guidance and love and compassion of guruji who has taken so much pains and interest in my downtrodden soul in guiding properly in my spiritual pursuit. Over the last more than 2 years he has been gradually and systematically channeled and balanced my energy to reach this level of bliss. He has been a great source of teaching and inspiration in teaching me various steps from the beginning. He’s always available to us for guidance and clarifications whenever required even in the middle of night. During this shibir i leart many new intricacies of vidyas and purification, energizing and balancing chakras by mantras, mudras and breathing. As always guruji was very loving, compassionate and full of hospitality. The stay and food was modest but comfortable and befitting the sadhana. His way of teaching is unique and he keeps the environment and spirits very light and jovial without being overbearing. I am practicing regularly and can feel subtle changes and great spiritual experiences in rising of my energy levels.
We are so fortunate to have guruji and a guide like him for our spiritual journey. My most sincere and deepest regards to him. Looking forward to the next steps for sadhana under his guidance and instructions.
Jai gurudev. Koti koti pranam guruji.

From Shishir Agarwal (Mumbai, India)

Shivir of Sri Vidya was really very blissful as we all sadhaks who had joined from different parts of India came to know about proper technicues of this saadhana. Personal attention was given by Guruji to each and every saadhak. As on personal note I felt the depth of meditation very soon may be due to proximity of guruji and blessings of Babaji. Breath has become very subtle and calm during deeksha samaroh .I am greatful towards Guruji  and Babaji for such a wonderful experiences. 🏻

From Reena Singh (Mumbai ,India)

Namaste Guruji

I am so lucky to attend 5th Shibir Camp lead by you

In every shibir camp I could learn more advanced steps of Kriyayoga

Also I could take initiation for very unique Yogakriya and Spiritual techniques

This time very rare Shrividdya sadhana has given me experiences and concentration like never before
in Vaidik pathways, Learning viddyas means its very lengthy task, But in Yogic pathways and in Siddha parampara, Initiation happens and mantras starts working immediately. Its a great fortune to learn such a rare viddya

Since many years Guruji has always taught all the Practices scientifically and step by step, I got a path on enlightment which I always wanted to walk on

I feel so blessed as I always wanted to learn such spiritual techniques… Many Unique mantras too…
Everything was Beautiful combination of Yoga.. Mantra… And Chakra techniques

I felt Deep connection with Gurutattva…
I felt connection with Rishimunis
Happiness tears came out of my eyes..
Me and my whole family feel immense gratitude for you to get your Guidance for our Spiritual Journey

From Prajakta (Mumbai, India)

Namaste Guruji…
It was wonderful experience with shibir & learning kriya yog with you..
!!गुरु बिन कौन बतावे वाट!!
From first shibir, I attended all shibirs and now in my todays thought process I could realized that it is 360 degree changed…
Guruji’s giving  sadhana is to enlighten us..
There is no word to express the beauty of nature in Shibir..Guruji gives personal attention to each and every sadhak’s comfort and  needs..Shibir’s food is also awesome..
This time, while entering ashram, beautiful peacocks welcomed us 🧚🏼‍♀️Ashram is full on nature beauty..
I will not say “Thank you” to Guruji…because till the end of my breath..I will be at the foot of our beloved Guruji

from Rekha Waghmare (Mumbai, India)

🏻गुरुजी नमस्ते 🏻

आपने हमे श्रीविद्या सिखाके हम मे बहोत ही आत्मविश्वास दिया |

संसार मे इतने सारे घटना ये होती है,तभी आपकी साथ हमें बहोत हिम्मत देती है|

श्रीविद्या हमें हर समय ,हर वक्त बहोत ही आत्म विश्वास दीलायेगी|इस्मे कोई भी शंका नही|

आपका सदैव हमारे पर आशीर्वाद चाहीये गुरुजी|

आप ही केवल हमें हमारे भगवान तक लेके जा सकते हैं|

आपने हमें जो आत्म् बीज मंत्र दिया वो तो सबसे बडा आशीर्वाद aur प्रसाद हैं|

वो जो मुझे चाहिए वो ही मिला|

आपका बहोत ,बहोत धन्यवाद आपने ये विद्या सिखाने के लिये हमें चुना|

सदैव ऐसाही आशीर्वाद हम पर रहने दिजीये गुरुजी|

🏻नमस्ते गुरुजी 🏻

from Jayashree Mane (Mumbai, India)


Atma Namaste 🙏
It is almost 15 days since I learned Shri Vidya Sadhna from Guruji . Actual speaking still it is not sinking in me that I got shri Vidya diksha. I really consider myself fortunate .
It was my first visit to Ashram, first time to meet Guruji in person also. My experiences are so divine that i m unable to catch them in appropriate words. The whole atmosphere was like..I am in another world.
The energy of all those great mahatmas, who have meditated in the ashram premises could easily felt.
Sitting in the Hall n learning sadhna from Guruji was my first experience. There is so much divine energy, in Guruji’s voice that many times I went in trance.
During my daily sadhna, while invoking the divine masters , I feel some kind of connection with Mata Lopamudra n Bramahrshi Agastya. I feel the cleansing of chakras very intensely.
Nowadays whenever I introspect myself, I find miraculous changes happening in me . I m becoming more n more calmer, empty from in side. Looking forward for my second visit to ashram.. Kabhi bulava aata hai.
I bow down to Guruji’s lotus feet n also my heartfelt gratitude to all the beautiful souls accompanied me there, I thank my own soul too.
Thank u, Thank u, Thank u.

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