Respected Guru ji
Namastey !

For the whole session , I felt grounded to Mother Earth and at the end of session ,bonding of Grounding automatically vanished.
At the beginning of session , I heard the sound of Jheengurs for few minutes then stopped and after the end of session again I started hearing the sound of Jheengurs in ears and it is still continuing .
During the session of Deeksha , I saw different shades of lights appearing before me . Sometimes greenish yellow / light blueish/ rays of yellow and green falling together/ yellow/ Green / violet/ blue .
Many times blue rays with white light at center appeared at Aagya Chakra during session.
Once picture of Lord Krishna and Mahavatar Babaji appeared at Manipur Chakra .
During session tingling sensation appeared into palms, hand and legs.
At the end of session , cold sensations ( sihran) appeared throughout the body from top to bottom continueously twice and I opened my eyes slowly. Then I did namaskar to Mahavatar Babaji.
During session I felt coolness at the Crown Chakra .
After session I am feeling calm , Lightness and relaxed.
Still I am enjoying the sound of Jheengurs in my ears .

Jai Mahavatar Babaji

Ashok (India)

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