Pranaam Guruji ?

Received the initiation at had done the preparation and sat down for the attunement at 10.30..initially I felt calm and relaxed as I started chanting the Guru mantra.. slowly I felt my hair getting pulled over my crown chakra.. very subtle movements of each strand being pulled..then I felt heaviness in both my palms.. below the small toe of my left leg i felt  something climbing.. I felt something moving from my chest all around my trunk and it went through my thighs to the toes… I felt very happy and relaxed and felt a protective feeling around me..then I felt a tingling sensation at my third eye.kind of electrical shock feeling but only for a second…at the end when I felt like opening my eyes I saw yellow light at the third eye… I then did not open but chanted the Guru mantra 108times… I am feeling very relaxed now…

Thanks a million times Guruji ???

I don’t know if this is how the initiation works… Waitiñg for your divine guidance ??

Thanks once again…

Grateful to you Guruji ?
Lathika Menon

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