I want share yesterdays experience i was sitting as per u instructed after some time (don’t exactly how much ) first i seen Babaji was sitting front of me , he is very nice sitted in “Padmasan”. i took blessings by touching his feet.he also blessed me nicely. after i saw clearly, he hold my hand we r or our souls going (literately flying)  toward light which is white light. then after that root chakra felt very nicely, after sacral chakra but then directly Crown which is rotating clockwise but very fast its was amazing nd i experienced first time, my head like rotated like anybody shaking me, almost 2 to 3 mins it was happened, then suddenly  my closed eyes blinking very fast nd sensed third eye rotation, throat chakra not so much sense or couldnt sense (may be i forgot now)

at heart chakra feel vacuum with light pink color but very soothing nd nicely, at manipur i felt light or energy doesn’t go , means i feel strongly obstacles, like something not allow to pass to that chakra, i trying to chant but then again i felt   he hold hand going towards white light but this time  my guru \sir also there. then i saw very nice light at home place as well as my healing center also, some glimpse of my husband also.after that i took blessings nd i feel he smile something. then he going back to Guha but face towards me nd in Asana he is going back nd back . i was watching him till he disappeared. then i trying to sit calm then opened eyes. 

i wondered all this process took place around 1 hr, i thought its may be 20 mins. i want to thanks to U for astonishing moments, nd thanks to my friend Shilpa also.  

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