There are no better words than thank you so much Guruji for accepting me, for deeksha and for such an amazing experience.

After a few minutes of chanting Guru Mantra I began feeling my whole body heavy, and a throbbing only in my right temple. I ignored it and concentrated on the Manipur chakra. After that, I started to feel such warmth and feeling the heat expanding through out my torso. I felt so hot however; this time ONLY the right side of my body was hot and the left was cooler it was so bizarre. I could feel on the left side a tender breeze caressing my left arm and the other as if I was in a tropical island.

On the last 5 to 10 minutes after finished chanting the Mantra I concentrated on the third eye. I saw a yellow light moving as if it was yellow pages of a book tuning delicately but fast. I kept breathing involuntarily but remaining focus. At the very end I felt as if something like electricity exit from my spine. What ever came out of my spine was extremely delicate but simultaneously powerful that it (spine) trembled forcing me to open my eyes. It was 8:32 am. I knew deeksha had ended.  

I remained sitting and relax the first thing I noticed after opening my eyes was that my feet were completely glue to the floor. When I first sat to begging deeksha my feet weren’t touching the floor only the ball of my feet and toes were. How did that; happened? I can only speculate. The tension in my head, the heat, and numbness in the body disappeared.

While remaining sited and taking everything in I felt then the energy of Muladhar chakra spinning for like a couple minutes that happened at 8:37. I relax, waited, and observed then little by little it dissipated my physical body went back to it’s usual but my mind was blissful and in such peace!

God bless you Guruji

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