Science of Astrology

Now it is scientifically proven that rays of planets has an effect our mind and body. Our sages were masters of this science. In a deep meditative state they find out many hidden secret of nature and gave it to humanity for its well being.

Moon effects mind and nervous system, Sun effects soul, Mars effects blood, Mercury effects on intellect. This way rays of planets effect us. It may be positive or negative. If they are effecting negatively then we have to face many problems in life like disease, depression, failure etc. So sages have sorted out certain solutions to remove these negative effects like using stones, mantras, medicines and some spiritual practices. It works exactly as earthing wire work for our home. When load of electricity increase (lighting to fall) then normal it goes down to earth via earthing wire and save us. This way by analyzing Horoscope we can know that which planet is effecting us positively and which planet is effecting negatively. We can do the remedies accordingly and avoid many unnecessary obstacles of life and live happily.

God Bless All

ॐ ॐ ॐ

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