Dear Guruji,

Thank you so much for the initiation.

I could experience an intense power..or light..i do not know how to express but its . I could see a very very huge palm as if blessing me of  between my eyebrows…too during the deeksha.  My eyes felt a lot of ………..magnetic ..force.. kind of..i really dont know…. something very intense .

The huge palm as if blessing…i could see many times during my deeksha.

Mahaavatar Babaji was sitting under a banyan tree along with some disciples..and I was far behind seeing him in the white mountains …… the same palm re occurred to me . I felt that i had no attachments in the world at that moment and it is Mahavatar Babaji and me only….

I could also see a yogi.. Swami Rama   in the woods… smiling at me and asking me to join him….he was signing  me to follow him ..and  after a while could see a valley of flowers … indescribable….

An experience never before….

I am indebted to you for the experience i had today.


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