Pranaam babaji,

I had my diksha initiation this morning at 7 am.

As asked by you in the previous mail I want to share my experience during the pooja.

As I was decorating the alter of Mahaavtar babaji I felt as if he is standing there… As I looked up I could actually see him he blessed me with his Darshan in sukshma roopa. After I sat on chair I started to chant the holy mantra with my eyes shut. During the chanting I heard a sound, the sound of a person walking next to you… With my eyes shut I could feel Mahaavtar babaji walking around me as if doing some procedure.

After I finished chanting and rest if the procedure I felt as if I had waken up after a very long sleep. I was feeling fresh and relaxed like never before I could feel the energy inside me.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to experience the presence of divinity.

Please guide me with the other procedure. Looking forward to learn more.


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