Prasad Nair (India)

Dear Guruji,


First of all let me express my sincere gratitude to you for providing a chance to get Kriya Yoga Dhiksha from Mahavtar Babaji.

I have done everything before initiation time as Guruji instructed. At sharp 7.30 I have started chanting Guru mantras. Guruji, really I don’t know how to express my experience. It was such a marvelous moment for me. First I have a feeling of cooling sensation on both my palm and gradually that cooling moved to my both foots. Mahavtar Babaji’s face was clear in my mind. Then I felt my hands and stomach and above portion become freezing. I was a feeling that some body is tightening my body and my head and body becomes very heavy and completely frozen. In some moment I was trying to open my eyes, but I could not. Also, I was thinking I am not sitting on the chair nor I could shake my hands. There was some flash lights coming to my eyes. It was such a beautiful experience which I could not explain in words. 

Earlier also, I was trying to do meditation, but hardly 1 minute I could sit. But, today it was a great moment for me. At sharp 8 AM, automatically my eyes opened and even then my head was having too much weight. By the time, the tightness and freezing all gone. I sat on relax mood for 10 minutes and then I stood from the position. As you said, I understood the initiation is over from the changes in my body. After that, I have too much thirsty and I had one bottle water also. 

Thank You so much Guruji…It is of course Babaji’s and your’s blessings. 

Thank You so much.  Looking forward to hear from You,

Jai Gurudev….

Kind Regards,
Prasad Nair 

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