I forgot to mention something on the experience.

Three times this happened. Each time it was after coming back from drifting, both in thought or by sleepiness. 

I would get in tune with the vibration of the chanting of the Guru Mantra coming from a dark room with a dim light, so dim that all I could see was the silhouette of a male, a young person, maybe mid 20s, with straight hair long to its shoulders. Couldn’t see the face well as the light only gave dim brightness to the nose and lips, and also the clothes he was wearing, but only noticing the color red.

The I noticed the sound of the words coming from him, making the musical sound of the Guru Mantra. I was able to join on the chanting and immediately felt a connection. I felt the young man wasn’t Babaji, but someone practicing this path to help others. Maybe you? Whatever/whomever, the chanting felt strong, in real time, and appealing. It helped me to remain in the experience.

I also noticed Babaji’s image in my mind, with a slight smile, and I felt very calm.

Overall, I felt serenity and a sense of enthusiasm to move forward, leaving fears/negativity behind.

Thank you.


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