Thank You guruji for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

First when i start chanting the mantra on navel center i can clearly see Babaji in Aura connected with my nevel center.

my brathing is become very very slow. and then i can clearly see the Himalaya and cave where babaji sit on asana . and also see that various individual are coming from worldwide there for diksha . and every person is attached with babaji with manipur chakra and on last i see aura of energy is surrounding everybody. When this event complete i will see i was going beyond the earth . i see million of planet and star and also see there is life on other  planet also. and see million of galaxy are there is attached with light. when i reach there i will take bath in the light and come back to earth. it is blowing experience to me. 

please guide me on this path more.

thank you. thank you. thank you.

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