Respected Guruji,

First of all accept my deep regards and pranam. I bow to great Guru Babaji Maharaj for bestowing healing and Kriya Diksha to me. My Kriya Diksha was schduled today at 8 PM. From 7.45 PM onwards I could feel that my mind is withdrawing from outer senses and trying to go inside. I was becoming more and more calm. At the begining I could feel the faint energy flow from my feet to Mother Earth. A feeling came to my mind that I am getting healed and purified of my sins of present and past lifes. I could feel the presence of someone in the room. I was hearing faint but some different kinds of inner sounds. A white glow was always there in Agya Chakra. A total feeling of lightness and relaxed. Still enjoying the state of intoxication due to relaxation. If you feel myself to be fit for Kriya practice, please guide me in the path. Pranam and regards.


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