My experience seemed to actually begin earlier today, around 11:55am my time I began to feel a blissful sensation in the anaharta chakra that moved up my spine to my throat. I heard a voice saying it was making a few adjustments, this lasted about ten minutes. Then later in the day around 2pm I was at work and stepped on a nail, the nail went through my shoe and barely scratched my foot but enough to where I had to take off my shoe and wash my feet so as not to get infected. As I washed them I got the feeling that this, too was preparation of some kind. 

At initiation time I did as instructed, at first I felt a heavy sensation in my outstretched hands, like I was suddenly holding something very heavy. Then it felt like my feet were grabbed by invisible hands and kept to the ground. I saw a very clear star in front of me even though my eyes were closed, the star was dark and seemed to morph from a five pointed star to a six pointed star. Then I began feeling a large knot in my anaharta, it was tight and painful but I felt like something was unraveling it, the pain remained but slowly it began to open, my field of vision began to be a dark shade of green. As it unraveled I felt a sort of calming liquid flow out and into the rest of my body. Then I felt that unraveling process happen again in vishudda, ajna, and finally the crown. After the crown I felt like I had expanded, as though the top of my head had opened into a clear night sky, I was still in my body, but I was also this expansivness. Throughout the initiation I would shake in short convulsions from time to time, and at one point I felt like I was somewhat out of my body but not quite, like just my arms were hovering above their physical counterparts. 

Afterward, as I ate the offerings in front of the altar to Babaji, I swear it looked like he was smiling at me. That was my experience. Now I feel very calm and refreshed. Lighter than before.

Thank You Guruji,
Jeffrey Portell

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