It was such a wonderful  experience of clarity and peace

1) I felt a strong connection with universe and God, and I had the sensation to be out of my body in a celestial realm full of grace and love and joy.

 2) I felt cackra by cackra a purification and a letting go darkenss as if you was working on me  internally. 

3) At the same time I could see  Babaji presence surrounding  my inner vision  and giving me an increasing of awareness through his eyes on me. Lot of compassion from his deep gaze and a profound heat along my spine during the meditation. 

4) After 40 minutes of meditation I felt as though a hand was touching my body,my heart , I thought it was your hand on me .

5)I also had visualised you with a comb woking in my chackras .

6) during initation  while chanting internally the mantra  I could hear a sound like an ancestral OMMMM resonating beyond my immagination , it seemed to me like the voice of God.

6) During the day I felt peace  and I had a strong desire of stay in meditation, and so I stopped several times from working to take a little time in meditation in order to assorb this new awareness in my body.

7) I now feel the presence of babaji around me  and I m grate to you for this powerful healing you gave me. Thank you so  much

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