Sathya (India)

I prepared my mind not to get into worldly affairs and surrender to babaji with auto suggestion before deeksha.  I followed each step as given in the KY document.  Initially I felt something is pulled out of my legs to earth from waist/thigh/leg region.  Then I felt some thing pulled our from my back and […]

Ravi (India)

Guruji pranaam, Aaj deeksha me guru mantra jaap ke baad pairon me halki tingling mehsoos hui aur aankhon me pehle kaala phir hara phir baingni colours dhikai diye air mind sharir me halkapan mehsoos hua Thanks guruji. Ravi.

Ashik (India)

Today when I sat for deeksha after few minutes of chanting the guru mantra my hands became stiff n energy was flowing through it. The guru mantra started flowing through my my breath rather than mind it was ajapa. After few minutes ajapa of aum started n that aum came on the forehead n went […]

Maruti (India)

Sir, today I received deeksha. It was so amazing experience. I felt my body vibrating and all negativity removed from it.First i started to close my eyes after ten min. i saw round bright circle enter into my body. I feel happy and nice.

Vinit (India)

I received divine Kriya Yoga initiation on 8th July 2017. First I felt something happening on my navel area very strong vibration. Then I felt my legs became heavy as energy is flowing from my legs to earth. Then suddenly my mind became thoughtless I felt very peaceful. I saw some different colored shapes in […]

Dr. Alka (India)

It was very beautiful experience. I was initiated by Guruji and it helped me to get rid of all negative energies. I feel more fresh and better after initiation. I felt deep slumber as if I would go into a very deep sleep like an anesthetic. I became thoughtless for few minutes and felt some […]

Neil (UK)

I sat at 7pm, did the intent three times and chanted silently for approx 10 minutes. I found this very difficult as I wanted to go into a deeper meditation. I then had a period altered state with little awareness but I did see a beautiful lotus flower open – it was a silvery incandescent […]

Laszlo (Hungary)

In the first few minutes I was a little distracted by noises from the house. I kept repeating the mantra. Then I felt warm below navel and some vibration many places even in my legs. I saw many bad memories. I felt as these memories are burning in fire. After I felt happiness and joyful […]

Prajakta M (India)

Today I got Divine Kriyayog Deeksha … It was blissful experience. I was sensitive towards divine energy flowing through my body. I was feeling blissful knowing Babaji’s blessings are there for me. Today I knew my ultimate journey towards real spirituality got started 🙂 🙂 🙂 Extremely Important day of my life it was… Now […]