Maneesh (India)

Guruji, Thank u for your guidance and love for me.I followed your guidance and do my best for deeksha procedures.during my deeksha time I feel blissful and see some diagrams. And feel free from my body.after that I feel pressure on my head and some kind of itching in my anja chakra..really I feel it […]

Vicky (India)

Namaste guruji i took deeksha on 8 am as per schedule. During earlier stages of process i didnt felt anything but after 20 mins i felt babajis prescence. While chanting guru mantra my eyes opened and i suddenly gazed into babaji eyes in picture and after that in my head there is a buzz like […]

Sunil (India)

Guru Ji,  Today morning I took healing and Deeksha in the morning at 7 am as per procedure directed by you. It lasted for 48 to 50 minutes. I felt energised and relaxed. During procedure there was tingling sensation in feet touching ground , hand fingeres and between eyebrows on forehead. In between I saw […]

Savitri (India)

Dear Guruji, Namaste  Thank you so much for the initiation. I could experience an intense power..or light..i do not know how to express but its . I could see a very very huge palm as if blessing me of  between my eyebrows…too during the deeksha.  My eyes felt a lot of ………..magnetic ..force.. kind of..i […]

Manish (India)

Dear Guruji, I have completed my diksha today. I felt like babaji putting hand on my head and giving me blessing. i felt very calm and quite after the silence. I request you to send me level-1 material so as to initiate kriya. With Regards

Alpana (India)

Pranam guruji, Energy started flowing from my palms to whole body. My legs were stuck to the ground. I had no feeling of my body. Like current energy was flowing all over. In between i was feeling cold. Still my head is spining. Thanks for initiating me. Regards

Giri chander (India)

Namaste, I followed the instructions and starting from 8:31, I started feeling electricity running all thru the body and slowly my regular back pain started to reduce and intense vibration in between the third eye. When I opened the eyes it was around 9:12…  Regards,

Esha (India)

Pranam guruji. I have done with my deeksha it was very strong feeling. I felt like vomiting but I controlled it for sometime full body shivering and I was sweating a lot. After 20 minutes when I wasn’t able to ctrl I vomited because I felt like all negative energies where suppose to come out. I […]

Jyoti (India)

Pranam Guru ji During Dhiksha I am feeling sensation in my hand toes and in spine, feeling like something crawling in my spine in my body warmnes, in my eye closed feeling like someone walking around me like some dence energy.

Nandu (India)

Thank You guruji for giving me this wonderful opportunity. First when i start chanting the mantra on navel center i can clearly see Babaji in Aura connected with my nevel center. my brathing is become very very slow. and then i can clearly see the Himalaya and cave where babaji sit on asana . and […]

Anurag Nagar (India)

Felt like pendulum movement with base at lower spine. As if someone has held my lumbar area and from internal I am moving like a pendulum. Whitish surrounding in front of me ( eyes were closed). At the end it was complete void like situation…. No thoughts, no feeling, no grief, no pain…… Actually, it […]

Swarna (India)

I did it guruji. In the beginning I was not comfortable and little bit pain on spine then after some minutes I feel something spread from my head and cover up to my hip.if I stop chanting mantra I feel weight loss like air. Regularly I do meditation on early morning but it’s hard to […]

Chhaya (India)

Thank u Guruji for the initiation today… It was the most pleasant and powerful experience… While the initiation process I felt as if I was not my own body I felt detached… My palms were warm and slight tingling sensation… I could hardly open my eyes… I felt so much of energy and at the […]

Kumar (India)

Namaste Guru ji, Apko koti koti dhanyabad deeksha dene ke liye . Deeksha ke time maine feel kiya ki starting me lagbhag 2 min bad mere body se koi dhuwa nikle waise hi nikla aur earth me sma gya fir puri body relax ho gyi kuch time bad hme blue light dikhne lgi fir kafi […]

Tania (India)

Respected Guruji, At 8.55am I started chanting the given guru mantra in my mind keeping the picture of babaji in front of me. I took a few deep breath along with the mantra and suddenly I felt a jolt of energy at my heart centre. I felt a sudden intimacy with a higher energy being […]

Capt. Shashank (India)

I did everything as per your instructions and was in meditation by 8.25 pm. felt that meditation was very deep. Felt heaviness on head and warmth in whole body, specially near temple areas above the ears. Experienced sudden jerk in body 2 times and some presence of white and green colour. Let me know your […]

Prasad Nair (India)

Dear Guruji, Pranam!!!!! First of all let me express my sincere gratitude to you for providing a chance to get Kriya Yoga Dhiksha from Mahavtar Babaji. I have done everything before initiation time as Guruji instructed. At sharp 7.30 I have started chanting Guru mantras. Guruji, really I don’t know how to express my experience. […]

Dr. Sagar (India)

Pranaam guruji, I am forever indebted to you for this experience, I write this you feeling intoxicated. 7 was my time for initiation,at around 7:05 I felt my meditation deepen & soon it was really hard for me to keep repeating the mantra,i was absolutely blank,then after sometime I felt an vibration in my right […]

Bhanupratap (India)

Guru Ji. Pranam I sat on 8pm and followed the whole process. Felt an energy moving throughout the body. Some vision of color full lights ….and at around 8.30 my eyes opened automatically. Initiation is over now what I have to in the daily process Thank u and guide me further.

Astha (India)

Initially I thought as to how it is possible to take deeksha without any verbal communication. Then I realized that it is actually possible. Firstly the energy flow started through the point between the two eyebrows. I felt quite heavy. I started feeling dizzy. It was very unusual. My body was enriched with new energy.