Learn ancient kriya yoga of Mahavatar Babaji online

Practical way of learning kriya yoga to gain direct experience of Divine within you.

ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः
सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः ।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु
मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् ।
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
Sarve Santu Nir-Aamayaah |
Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu
Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

Om, may all become happy
May all be free from illness
May all see what is auspicious
May no one suffer
Om peace, peace, peace

असतोमा सद्गमय ।
तमसोमा ज्योतिर् गमय ।
मृत्योर्मामृतं गमय ॥
ॐ शान्ति शान्ति शान्तिः ।।

asato mā sadgamaya
tamasomā jyotir gamaya
mrityormāamritam gamaya
Oṁ śhānti śhānti śhāntiḥ

From ignorance, lead me to truth
From darkness, lead me to light
From death, lead me to immortality
Om peace, peace, peace

The aim of ancient Kriya Yoga of Mahavatar Babaji is to bring completeness in human life on physical, mental & spiritual level.

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Please read this page carefully before sending request or query.

Features of the course

(1) Your Guru will be Mahavatar Babaji as these kriyas belong to Him. 100% authentic.

(2) You don’t have to travel too far in search of Guru this will save your time and money both.

(3) Here you will learn practical way of learning kriya yoga to gain direct experience of Divine within you. Regular guidance from Guruji (Shri Brahmananda) for lifetime. You can anytime send your query on e-mail. Guruji will answer within 24 hours.

(4) By regular practice of these kriyas you will develop a healthy body, which is in a constant rejuvenative mode.

(5) Your mind becomes inspired, guided and powerful.

(6) You will be blessed all the time and will grow positively on physical level, mental level and spiritual level.

(7) You will be free from all type of negativity, depression and other evil things as you will be under protection of Babaji and Divine.

(8) You will come to know what true joy is but for this you need to practice regularly with faith and devotion.

(9) You will be taught by videos and written material which is very easy to understand. As these kriyas are blessed by Babaji everything will be fine even if you do it wrongly Babaji will correct in his way. So no need to worry. You will feel his grace when you practice with devotion.

(10) This course is divided in 6 levels of Kriyas. These are all scientific kriyas. Our sages were masters of this science. There are four knots in our nadis (energy channels) which prevent us to merge in our true nature, which is satchidananda (eternal, knowledge, blissful).

These knots are:

  • Brahma Granthi
  • Vishnu Granthi
  • Rudra Granthi
  • Para-Brahma Granthi


By regularly practicing Kriya Yoga all this four granthis will be pierced. Then we can experience our true nature: true bliss and peace in life.

By regular practice of 1st Level Nadi Shodhana will be achieved and Brahma Granthi will be pierced.

By regular practice of level 2nd and 3rd Vishnu Granthi will be pierced.

By regular practice of Level 4th Rudra Granthi will be pierced.

By regular practice of Level 5th Para-Brahma Granthi will pierced.

You will become a liberated soul. Achieve salvation.

(11) A unique feature of this Kriya Yoga is that it includes all kinds of Yoga like Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Laya (dissolve) Yoga & Bhakti (devotion) Yoga.

  • Kriya Yoga Level 1, 2 & 3 is related to Hatha Yoga and Mantra Yoga.
  • Kriya Yoga Level 4 is related to Raja Yoga (Royal Yoga).
  • Kriya Yoga Level 5 is related to Laya Yoga (merging in Brahman).
  • Then after true Jnana & Devotion Yoga starts. Bhakti Yoga is the last stage. Level 6 is about being aware of our eternal, real and blissful self which is beyond words.


Experiences during Kriya Yoga initiation

Dear Guruji

Thank you for your blessings & lifetime experience.

I am very much worried yesterday that how anyone who don’t know me, my house can come I give me diksha but what a wonderful experience I got. I just can’t express in words.

My diksha time is 10.30 PM but from 10.00 PM on wards my Aagya chakra starts rotating. When I starts chanting Gurumantra automatically I went in to zero thought process which is not happen to me earlier even after lot of efforts.

I am glad that I could recognize when Diksha process starts. I felt that there is someone around me is present. In diksha process I felt vibration in all body, it is most near my ears. After that I am completely in peace I saw purple light. I could not feel my body it became very light. When I tried to move my hands they are just not moving. When I tried to concentrate on Manipur Chakra automatically it got shifted to aagya chakra & i could see lot of white light.

After words suddenly vibration increase all over body & somebody gave me jerk & i could open my eyes. I think this happens when diksha process ends.

When i opened my eyes i just want to seat as it for few more minutes. Then I slept.

I don’t know it is my dream or babaji gave me blessing but i saw image like babaji & at that time body is shivering & my hands automatically get closed for getting blessing from him while sleeping, but what i felt yesterday was just amazing.

Today since morning I felt lot of energy in me. I could feel Sahastrara & Aagya chakra are rotating.

Thank you again Guruji for this wonderful process.



Kriya Yoga Workshop Experiences

After initiation and some practice Guruji invites his sincere students to his ashram for one to one guidance. For make them understand each and every aspects of Kriya Yoga for further progress. Below are few experiences of students who has attended on the recent workshop.


Can anyone learn Kriya Yoga online?
Yes, by the grace of Babaji anything is possible. Present yuga is Kali Yuga. It is yuga of technology. Here online means through Divine. If initiator is true he can initiate from anywhere in the world and if he is not you can get nothing even if you do sadhana near him for years. This is my personal experience that this sadhana brings tremendous positive change in me. So it will help you also. Don’t stuck in to what is original what is not just do it on your own and decide yourself. Here nothing to lose for you.
Babaji taught Lahiri Mahasaya and he had disciples and the disciples had disciples... This is parampara. Please explain to me why do you connect to Babaji directly instead of one of his disciples?
For your information Kriya Yoga that I am teaching here is strictly as per guru parampara. In my opinion Babaji is only the complete figure who should be as Guru & other should be as a teacher. This is the demand of modern era. What happens nowadays the so called big Guru gives diksha & disappears. They don’t remain in full contact with disciple & in Kriya Yoga Regular & one to one guidance is required. Otherwise disciple got confuse on path. Can not progress further. Here Kriya Sadhak don’t have to travel too far in search of Guru. This will save his time & money. Kriya sadhak will get one to one guidance from my side whenever he has doubts. If Kriya Sadhak will show certain spiritual progress any siddha of Babaji tradition or me will contact him for further progress. This is my personal experience people who does practice of this Kriya Yoga have received blessings from Babaji.
Many Guru say their yoga is only original and others are fake what is your opinion?
There are many techniques in different type of yogas to reach salvation. All paths are good. Only right guidance, dedicated practice, right approach, faith and devotion required. Person who is standing on mountain can show all paths towards top. So for him every path is correct. But person who is climbing can show only his path & if anybody ask him about paths he says there is only one path is correct on which he is walking. So whenever somebody says that his path is only the right path, you can assume his journey still not ended. Faith is the key even in life, whatever you do with faith you will get good results. There is no doubt in it. Guru is the person who helps you build up faith that is why guru is important. Without guru you cannot develop strong faith and without faith you can not achieve success in any field.
What is bhakti?
Bhakti is unconditional love towards God. How it develops? When you know how kind and generous God is towards you. How do we know that? By practice of Kriya when we come closer to God, we come to know that He is so kind, loving and caring towards us. This develops our faith in him and we develop unconditional love towards him. Then our prayers will be like this:
“O God, I love you unconditionally. I will not demand anything from you as I know that you know everything and taking care of me. I have faith that whatever you do, do it for my well being. I surrender unto you. Please take me in your custody as I always want to be with you.”
How can I be sure that your process is authentic?
Authenticity can not be explained by words. Suppose you buy gold you check it first then pay. Similarly in yoga first you check the experience of other sadhaks (practitioners) who received initiation, try the techniques for a while then only you come to know whether it is working for you or not. If this practice suits you then only you should continue it otherwise leave it. I am not giving name of anybody but I met many people who received initiation from big named groups of Kriya yoga. Have been practicing for more than 15 years and still searching for the person who can teach and guide them properly. So I advice all the people who are asking for authentication, please receive initiation first. Practice first level of Kriya then decide by your experience. It will not take more than two months. It is a golden opportunity to learn Kriya yoga at your home.
How to find and select a guru?
A disciple with his limited knowledge and perception can not find a true guru who can give him real wisdom and who can guide him to spiritual advancement. In fact the Guru is the one who chooses the disciple. If you are true seeker and from the bottom of your heart you want to progress on spiritual path then God definitely send Guru to you wherever you are in the whole world. He will contact you. One more thing happens when you come close to your Guru that you surrender him and start loving him unconditionally. This is a very divine feeling.
Is practice of Kriya yoga tough?

Yes and No. It is tough for those who don’t have faith and patience. It is not tough for those who are able to practice regularly with patience and who have faith. In Kriya yoga nothing happens overnight. One has to practice regularly for long time usually more than 12 years. Nowadays people read books on Kriya yoga and spiritual powers and think that they will achieve siddhi quickly. But usually they will not therefore they practice for few months and leave sadhna. This way they waste their time and their teacher’s time also. So before applying for initiation one should prepare himself to keep faith and patience for long time and practice regularly.

How to progress fast on spritual path?
To obey guru’s advice faithfully is the key to get success in any sadhana.

How to apply for initiation

Please apply only if you seriously want to progress on the spiritual path and you can practice regularly. Please do not apply for just an experiment. Time is always precious whether it is yours or mine.

Step 1

Apply for initiation by submitting this form:


Step 2

After reviewing your details I will give you date and time for initiation and send you preparing material.

Step 3

During initiation time you just have to sit at your place calmly and chant sacred Guru Mantra as  mentioned in deeksha procedure. You will start receiving healing energy from Divine. It will remove all negative energy from you. Then energies all your chakra and etheric bodies and Divine Mother (Kundalini) gets activated in you which push you to your goal of self realization. You will surly feel calm and blissful after initiation. Because of these procedure whenever you chant Guru Mantra and practice Kriya you will receive divine grace.

Step 4

After initiation I will send you kriya material to practice. This course is divided in 6 levels. You have to practice each level for at least 2 months and then you can apply for next level by sending me e-mail.

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